Clovis Maliska Jr.

“Next generation DEM Technology using Rocky: Some examples and case studies of blending, mixing and segregation in practical applications“.


Over the last decade, with the advent of faster computers, DEM technology has improved to such an extent that it is now possible to design large scale industrial processes in a practical amount of time. This presentation will cover some of these technology advancements, and how they can be applied to troubleshoot, predict and design systems such as blenders, hoppers and other process equipment using Rocky DEM and ANSYS.

Presenter Profile – Clovis Maliska Jr – ESSS Group

Clovis is the President and co-founder of the ESSS Group, a multinational company dedicated to the development and marketing of engineering simulation technologies and solutions. He has more than two decades of experience managing complex R&D projects for large companies on sectors such as oil & gas, aerospace and mining, as well as the development of simulation software encompassing techniques such as CFD, FEA and DEM. With a strong focus on computational sciences, numerical methods, human-machine interface and data visualization & analysis, Clovis’ vision is always to create the best simulation tools in terms of computational performance and modeling fidelity, as well as user workflow and productivity.