Rohit Kumar

Abstract: Effect of different powder charging techniques and blender angle on the powder blending efficiency in an IBC blender

Post Doctoral Fellow, Process Development, Alkermes Inc. Waltham, MA 02451, USA

Blending of dry-powder is an important process in pharmaceutical industry which directly impacts the critical quality attributes of the drug product. Granular materials are typically blended by tumbling powder in a low shear partially filled high volume container. Intermediate blending container (IBC) is one such class of vessels commonly used for blending powders in the pharmaceutical industry. Commercial IBCs are available in various designs configurations in terms of the IBC bin angle and the location of the charging port(s). Anecdotally, it is known that the aforementioned parameters affect the blending dynamics and thereby the blending efficiency in the IBC. However, the effect of these IBC design and process parameters on the blending process has not been comprehensively investigated. The aim of this study is to understand the impact of powder charging methods and IBC angle on the blending efficiency.

Bio Sketch:

Rohit Kumar obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, India in Summer 2013. During his undergraduate studies, he worked at the Nuclear Power Equipment Lab in KMU Busan, South Korea as a summer research assistant. He joined Purdue University as a graduate student in Fall 2013. He obtained his Master’s degree in Summer 2015 and thereafter started his Ph.D. with Professor Carl R. Wassgren Jr. in the Particulate Systems Group. His Ph.D. research was focused on breakage modeling of needle-shaped particles using the discrete element method. This research work was partly funded by Pfizer, Inc. Rohit is a recipient of Bilsland dissertation fellowship from College
of Engineering at Purdue. While in graduate school he did two internships at Pfizer Global Research and Development Center in Groton, CT. Rohit Kumar is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Alkermes Pharmaceuticals Inc. in Waltham, MA.